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From the Associate Vicar: Quarantine (Small Update)

From the Associate Vicar: Quarantine (Small Update)
Published on Fri, 14 Jan 2022 10:00
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Dear One’s of St. C’s, 

I wanted to let you all know that my family is currently quarantining because my son, Jackson, has tested positive for covid Sunday evening.  He had a fever for one day and now feels fine. He got it from his daycare and was not at church this past Sunday.  The rest of the family tested negative on Sunday. I did test positive on Wednesday, Jan. 19th on a rapid test. I am so thankful that I tested on Sunday and was negative.  Keeping our community safe is my number one priority. I have been feverish, congested, and have a cough.  I have mostly been sleeping, but do not feel terrible. 

On the evening of the 12th Cascade also got a high fever.  Thursday was hard on her, but she woke up Friday (14th) morning fever free, with just a little stomach ache.  So far Luke has no symptoms.  We are all hanging in there and feel we are close to being on the other side, but will continue to quarantine.  I will miss not being with you all this Sunday!

It is hard to believe that covid is still such a disruption in our lives after almost two years.  The kids’ grandparents  were supposed to come in town for Cascade’s birthday next Tuesday and Luke and I were going to spend two nights in LA together while they watched our kids, but all of that has been canceled.  It is hard to think of all the things in our lives that have been disrupted, re-arranged, or changed because of covid.  And of course, all the people who have been seriously ill or have died around the world and all the healthcare workers who have been overworked and seen so much suffering in this time.  

Dear one’s, it has been a lot.  This is a lot to navigate and carry with us. And while I feel overwhelmed by it all, I also find myself more in touch with my gratitude than ever.  This time has revealed to me the lengths that all of us will go to connect, support, and love one another.  I am thankful for a God who desires to connect to us and connect us with one another, even when it is so challenging to do so.

We may be tired, sad, and  overwhelmed, but we are not alone.  Thank God for community and for the gift of love that fills us with hope and comfort.  Let us continue to offer our gratitude to God as it surfaces and reach out to connect with God and one another in those moments when it is buried within us.  I believe gratitude surfaces when we remember that we are not in this alone.  

with much gratitude, 


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