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Online Pledge Card Here!

Online Pledge Card Here!
Published on Wed, 10 Nov 2021 09:00

We hope you choose to pledge to St. Columba's for 2022 so we know best how to financially  support this church.  We believe that if you are looking for a place of prayer, a place to belong, and a purpose beyond yourself then St. Columba‚Äôs will enrich your life.  We are a village of people working together to care for one another and our surrounding community as Jesus has commanded us to do.

Pledges help us to know what our budget will be in the coming year.  We will use our pledges received to create a balanced budget.  This impacts staff's hours, building upkeep, children and youth activities and supplies, general maintenance, and more. 

More details about what will be in the budget next week!  

You can fill out this form or turn in your pledge card to the office or offering plate on Sunday morning. 

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