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Make your tile before Oct. 17th @11am!

Make your tile before Oct. 17th @11am!
Published on Thu, 14 Oct 2021 11:00

There will be a prayer dedication for the tiles and windows on Oct. 17th at noon. Everyone will be invited to place their tile in the Memorial Garden during a prayer dedication of the space.  We hope you will complete your tile by Oct. 17th!

You are invited to come before a service to work on a tile for the Memorial Garden on Oct. 17th. Supplies and instructions will be available. 

At a later date we will offer an opportunity to plant something in the garden as well.  This will need to be put on hold until the internment beds are built. 

It is our hope that everyone who feels connected to St. C's will participate in either painting or writing on a tile or planting something.  And remember from Meghan, "This art project is not meant to be intimidating. It can be as simple as writing your name. Maeve will have some pre-painted tiles that you could simply add your name to. We hope that you will see this action as a prayer to God and a sign of your belonging to us."

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