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The Craft of Brewing - Saturday, October 9th @2pm

The Craft of Brewing - Saturday, October 9th @2pm
Published on Mon, 4 Oct 2021 11:30

Do you love to brew beer/cider or ever wanted to learn how to do it?  All are welcome to join this St. C's group that will work together to create excellent tasting beer/cider.  You do not have to drink beer to join this group and learn this craft. This is a family friendly affair! 

Three weeks ago we learned how to make the cider at this gathering we will try the cider we made three weeks ago.  

We will meet at Amanda and Mike's house on Saturday, Oct. 9th @2pm.  Address: 3021 M St NE Auburn, WA

This gathering will be outside. Bring a cider to compare it to and/or food or a beverage to share. 

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