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"Distant Chimes" Choir Seeks Spring Cohort of Ringers

"Distant Chimes" Choir Seeks Spring Cohort of Ringers
Published on Wed, 19 May 2021 19:21

Minimum of 4 people for 4 rehearsals needed to launch this new music group

A new choir is starting at St. Columba's! 

Distant Chimes is the name of a new ad-hoc music group we are putting together that will learn how to ring hand chimes that St. Columba's purchased last year. We'll start with very basic skills, so no ringing experience is necessary - and hand chimes are fun and easy for families to ring together! (Some of you might remember the Newton-Moore family who rang them during a livestream video this last year.)

Distant Chimes needs to work differently from St. Columba's Singers or other choirs, in that we will need a commitment from at least 4 people who can show up each week to rehearsal to be able to make it work. And we think we'll need 4 rehearsals in order to get enough practice time in to do a simple song. (This is because each person will be assigned a bell that they will need to ring, and we can't rehearse if we don't have everyone there.)  And yes, we will be masked and socially distant. ("Distant Chimes"... get it?)

Adults and children who know how to read are all welcome! If you (or you child) can commit to four rehearsals from about 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on Sundays, sign up below, and Martin will be in contact with you. The deadline to sign up is Sunday, May 23, and we'll plan to ring on Sunday, June 27 for the Bishop's visit. 

Sign up here:  https://forms.churchdesk.com/f...

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