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St. C's Honey - A Great Gift!

St. C's Honey - A Great Gift!
Published on Fri, 19 Nov 2021 04:15

Honey will be for sale this Sunday at church as we gear up for the holidays!  Think about if there is a someone in your life who would love some fresh local honey!!

Click here to pre-pay online for up to 4 jars of honey. You can pick up your order on Sunday or during the week. We also accept cash or check on Sunday.

Currently, we are asking for a suggested donation ranging between $8 and $12 per jar. The amount we sell the honey for can fluctuate based on what the bee guild's current needs are. We never want cost to mean that someone at St. C's cannot purchase honey. Please, let Meghan know if this is the case. All proceeds go to the bee ministry to take care of our bees. 

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