Virtual Worship @9am & Outdoor Service @11am

Virtual Worship @9am & Outdoor Service @11am
Published on Mon, 2 Nov 2020 06:45

St. C's will offer an opportunity to gather in person at a Pop Up Outdoor Eucharist beginning at 11am.

We are calling these services - pop up church because there are a lot of unknowns with an outdoor service.  The two biggest ones are the weather and if we get new orders from the Governor or the Bishop, or if the test positive rate is more than 6%.  We will let you know via email and facebook by 9am on Sunday morning if Pop Up Church is happening. 

This week (Nov. 5th) the rate per 100K of newly diagnoses cases is above 100.  We have decided that meeting outside with all of the protocols in place is enough mitigated risk, but wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this added risk as our cases are increasing in King County. 

Please note anytime we gather there is some level of risk of contracting COVID-19. We bless those who choose to stay home during this time.  Know that you will be missed, but also loved for making the choice that is most comfortable for you.  

We are working hard to put protocols together that the Governor has required that will mitigate this risk. You can find our comprehensive plan here.  The guidelines you need to help us to follow are below:

  • Everyone (5 or older) will be required to wear masks while we gather, any exceptions will need a doctor's note. If this is not followed we will end the service.  
  • Please bring your own chair or blanket, we will have markers 6 ft a part so families and individuals will know where they can sit.  
  • We are not allowed to hand out bulletins so please pick up a Book of Common Prayer during food bank hours (Wed and Fri. 10am-12pm), be prepared to pull up a Book of Common Prayer on your phone, or just prayerfully listen to the service.
  • Everyone will need to check in when they first arrive. Temperatures will be taken (contact free), a waiver form will be filled out, and your presence will be documented in the case that contract tracing would be necessary. You can print the form out and fill out a head of time.  You can find it here.
  • No one who does not have an official role for the Sunday Service can go into the building, even to use the bathrooms.  
  • There will be two hand washing stations set up outside.  Please, wash your hands often and as needed.  Especially, if you cough or sneeze. 

We will have ushers and a COVID supervisor available for questions and to help remind us of the rules to gather safely. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Alissa ( or Meghan ( 

Let's learn what it means to be together in a safe way during this global pandemic. We look forward to seeing all who are comfortable gathering in person on Sunday!!

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