Food Bank Happenings

© Photo by Tanushree Rao on Unsplash
Published on Wed, 6 May 2020 11:00

Our food bank (which is an outlet of King County Emergency Food Services), won't be receiving food to distribute during this time because all of their drivers are high risk for COVID-19. We want to try and keep our food bank location on Wednesday and Friday if we can.  Click here to donate money directly!

Currently, we are giving people in our community about 34 bags a week.  We are so thankful that we are able to offer this service.  Thank you to everyone who has made grocery runs and for Susie, Alana, Mike, and Carmen for coming in each week.  

Thank you also for Pam, Brianna, Tracey and Keven, and Val and Chad for offering to be on a rotation to pick up food for the food bank!!

Anyone at anytime can drop off the specific food items that we need to fill the bags. Please, be cautious not to wipe any one store. Possible times to drop off are before or after the 10am on Sunday or between 10-12 on Wednesday or Friday (food bank hours).

Thank You!! 

Main Bag 

1 Can chili OR 1 can soup      

1 can mayo      

1 can pork and beans    

1 Can tuna      

1 Canned vegetable      

1 granola bar    

1 sleeve saltines        

2 cans black beans/beans        

prepared rice   

Bag 2

1 2lb bag rice  

1 bag dry beans 

1 box pasta     

1 can fruit     

1 jar pasta sauce       

1 jar peanut butter     

If you have any questions please be in touch with our Food Bank Volunteer Coordinator, Jane Hershman or Susie Woodard. Thank you!

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