From the Associate Vicar: Poor People’s Campaign & Special Guest: Aaron Scott this Sunday @9am

Published on Wed, 13 Mar 2019 20:20

Dear Ones,

I have been encouraged as I learn more about the Poor People’s Campaign and what it hopes to accomplish.  I am even more excited that Aaron Scott will be joining us this Sunday for adult forum at 9am.  He has been involved in the Campaign for the last ten years and will be able to answer any questions you might have surrounding the campaign.

Part of what I am so attracted to in this campaign is how it puts the people who have been marginalized by society in the center and gives them a microphone to speak from.  On top of this, they are calling all people who either experience poverty or care about this issue in the United States to come together.  Martin Luther King Jr. was originally one of the people who spearheaded this campaign because he realized that as long as those who held the power and money in our country could keep those who were oppressed or impoverished divided the better it was for the few on top.  It is when we come together and name the injustices around us and refuse to be complicit in them that true change can happen.  This is what the Poor People’s Campaign is trying to accomplish.  

After spending two years going around the United States to interview and listen to people who are poor, the Campaign released a report called the Souls of Poor Folk: Auditing America Report.  The common threads that the report found and the campaign has chosen to focus on are:

- the evils of systemic racism
- and systematic poverty
- ecological devastation
- war economy and militarism
- the need to change the distorted moral narrative around poverty

This coming Sunday we will hear from Aaron Scott, who is on the national steering committee for the Campaign and is the Missioner for Anti-Poverty Organizing for our Diocese.  He will discuss the theological work within the Campaign, and then spend the rest of our time reflecting on scripture and how God may be calling us to see and support the poor among us.  Hopefully, adding to the depth of the great work that St. Columba’s is already doing with the Food Bank, the Just Garden, and the OutReach Shelter.

With hope and peace,