Getting Involved

Getting Involved
Published on Tue, 24 Apr 2018 11:38

When you are new, you may wonder how to get involved in the life of the congregation. There are lots of ways to begin, but here are a few concrete suggestions:

  • Attend worship on Sunday morning, and stick around to enjoy coffee hour and get to know people. Sunday morning worship is the heart of who we are - all the rest of our life together flows from this time of renewal and communion with God and each other. 
  • Make a coffee date with our Vicar, Alissa! Mother Alissa has dedicated time each week for connecting with congregants and she especially wants to get to know our new people. She can help you figure out where to start investing your time and talent, when you are ready.
  • Attend a newcomers' gathering, go to a Gather for Dinner group, and/or attend one of our regular Episcopal Church 101 classes to begin to connect more with other congregants and with our Episcopal tradition.
  • Sign up for something small - a great way to begin is to volunteer for a coffee hour food time, or rsvp to a newcomer's gathering. 
  • Sign up for our e-newsletter! This is a great way to start becoming aware of what is happening at St. Columba's, and how to get involved. 
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