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St. Columba Day Weekend Celebrations June 25th & 26th

St. Columba Day Weekend Celebrations June 25th & 26th
Published on Wed, 15 Jun 2022 16:28

Sunday, June 26th: On St. Columba Day we will have a special liturgy with live Congolese music and Sudanese food to follow the 11am service.  All of the different communities that we are in relationship with will be invited - our community gardeners, the Sudanse Community, and the Congolese Choir. 

Saturday, June 25: Mead Making, Yard Games, Food and House Blessing at Archer, Sawyer, Mike Handy & Amanda Hobson's new house, address: 3875 SE Elderberry Ln Olalla, WA 98359! (Please note their new house is about a 40min drive from the church).  The time of the event is 3-7pm.

Smoked meat sandwiches, chips, a deli salad, cupcakes, water, soda water, and lemonade will be provided.  If you want to add anything else feel free to bring!

Let us know you are coming by clicking here.

You can also email it the Mike and Amanda directly - brewcouple2018@gmail.com

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